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  1. Sights On You
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Sights On You

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Sights on You

Ask me for your darkest wish and let your shadows come to life
I can tip the scales of vengeance wrongs that only I can right

Yeah I was born to walk this earth
To answer prayers that no one’s heard
Angel sent but demon ruled (fueled)
And you don’t want my eyes on you
No you don’t want my eyes on you

Just remember to walk gently evil deeds are mine to do
Cause you just might draw my attention and you don’t want my sights on you

Repeat chorus

First there’s fire smoke then ashes and in an instant life is gone
Yeah you’re a memory that grows distant and I’m already movin’ on

Repeat chorus (without tag)
Repeat chorus

Words & music © 2016 John Pearson johnptunes@gmail.com