1. Hard Hard Rain
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Hard Hard Rain

Where I walk I don’t tread lightly I take what’s mine without remorse
I’ll hang your hopes on a rusted nail swinging back and forth
Tears will burn and scar like acid their traces never gone
They carve the tracks that every memory will follow from now on

In a hard hard rain in a long black coat
Like a sawblade wind that tears down through the soul
I’m a gust from Hells own hurricane
In a long black coat in a hard hard rain

There’s no hiding no escaping no walls hold me at bay
Even in your dreamless darkness I will have my day
Eyes as cold as artic sunrise no warmth in their rays
Your frozen fingers grasp the hands of time then melt away

Repeat chorus/bridge

My blinded eyes and deafened ears can’t see or hear your plea
And mercy’s just a word that’s trampled in the mud beneath my feet

Words and music © 2016 John Pearson johnptunes@gmail.com