From the recording Wake Up The Sun

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I Wish You Were Here

I found a spot no one will see
Behind a fence among the weeds
And I dug a place to put your memory
There inside the cold damp earth
I tried to bury all the hurt
And with my finger wrote this in the dirt

I wish you were here to just disappear
I wish that I could make you fade
Like letters washed away by rain
And let the storms inside me finally clear
I wish you were here (2X)

On a dirty downtown street
A sidewalk stained by countless feet
With chalk I drew your outline on concrete
Arms and legs and neck outstretched
Your fingers balled up in two fists
And in pastels I wrote your name in it

(Repeat chorus)
I wish you were here, I wish you were here

Words and Music © 2016 John Pearson