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  1. All Over Me
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All Over Me

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All Over Me

You are the one I never want to let slip away
Want to pull you close like my coat in the wind and the rain
Treat your love like a gift that my heart gets to open each day

Baby I need it need it need it just like breathing
See it see it see it when I’m dreaming
Soft as the sun on my skin you’re a feeling
All over me yeah all over me
You’re on the tip of the edge of each word that I’m speaking
Wrapped up inside every thought that I’m thinking
In every ounce of my soul and my being
All over me yeah all over me

You’re where I run when I’ve fallen down through the cracks
Baby you’re the gravity holding my whole world intact
When I’m out on the ledge you’re the fingertips pulling me back

(Repeat first half of Chorus/ Solo/Bridge)

In your hair tickling my face
In the blood running through my veins
On my scars that your fingers gently trace
You’re my everything in my every place

(Repeat full Chorus/Coda
All over me yeah all over me yeah all over me yeah all over me
Words and music ©2016 John Pearson