1. Warmer

From the recording Getting Warmer- Pop Country

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Boy I’ve seen the confusion on your face ever since our third date
‘Cause your smile that usually gets you what you want ain’t got you past first base
(But) Baby slow down I need to know what you’re all about and if your heart is really on me
I need more than a kiss and a promise I’ll tell you just what I need

A note tucked under my windshield wiper
Wrap your jacket around my shoulders
Lose a bit of the tough guy swagger
Baby drop summa’ your armor
May not get you all the way but you’re getting’ warmer…warmer

So let’s see if you’re something more than a kiss and tell all your friends
Take me to the game on Friday and snuggle with me in the stands
Baby your man-card is safe I just need some proof that your heart is all about us
It takes more than a kiss and a promise if you wanna’ get my love

Repeat Chorus/ Guitar solo/Bridge
Tell me a secret that you’ve kept hidden
No I won’t use it as ammunition
Baby my heart is wishing you’d get warmer

(Repeat Chorus) (Replacement line in chorus) Hold my when we’re together
May not get you all the way may not get you all the way but you’re closer than you think
And you’re gettin’ warmer yeah you’re gettin’ warmer you’re gettin warmer

Words & music © 2016 John Pearson