From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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What I’d want to Do

Some friends and I were talking last night over too many beers
About what we’d do if we knew the end of the world was here
Billy said he’d spend his very last dime
Get us the strongest bottle his money could buy
And we’d sit around telling stories ‘til the end of time
Well I’d do something more baby you would find me standing at your door

To hold your hands look in your eyes
See those beautiful baby blues sparkle and shine
To ask you to make my best dream come true
If this was my last day that’s what I’d want to do I want to be with you

I’d find my suit and my shoes and my Grandpa’s wedding band
At the Baptist church down on First our hearts could make a stand
If there’s no preacher it ain’t no thing
No friends or flowers or family
No witnesses but us and God to see (me)


Last night got me thinking about what really matters to me
And it ain’t the beer or the end of the world that’s got me on one knee

No this ain’t our last day but I’m asking anyway
(Cause) for the rest of all my days
I want to be with you that’s what I want to do (4X)

Words & Music © 2016 John Pearson