From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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Girls Can Shoot Guns Too

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Girls Can Shoot Guns Too

She gets her waders wet
Out on the lake at 5am in the pouring rain
On a boat with her Daddy and her boyfriend
It ain’t light yet
She finds their favorite spot don’t need no GPS
Camo make up painted her face up girl knows how to blend
Pumps that shotgun calls them ducks in better than the men

She stands just five foot two
Weighs barely 106 in her Gore-tex boots (combat boots/snake proof boots)
All the guys think she’s so cool
Woh oh girls can shoot guns too (2X)

Junior ROTC
She stands for the anthem even when it’s on TV
Knows the cost ain’t free
When she turns eighteen
Gonna serve like her Daddy guess it runs in the family
Loves to shoot her Grandpa’s rifle holding history
Sniping tin cans like it’s nothing it comes naturally

Repeat Chorus

She can rock that Mossy Oak or slip a sundress on
Sweet as sugar tough as leather girl is Kevlar strong

Repeat Chorus

Yeah she goes bang-bang its music to her ears
The boys say hot dang (hot dang) that girl ain’t got no fear (2X)
No one tells her what she can’t do
Woh oh that girl can shoot guns too
Yeah that girl can shoot guns too

© 2016 John Pearson/Jim Thacker/Luther Lewis