From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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Can’t Take You Anywhere

We’ve had this night out planned all week
A movie dinner and some drinks
But we’ve barely gone a mile from your house
And you’re kissin on my shoulder
Come on slide that sugar closer
We do this every time we go out

I can’t take you anywhere girl I know it seems unfair
Cause there ain’t nothing bad that you’ve done you got it going on
Blame it on your auburn hair perfume or that dress you’re wearing
Everything’s so right that’s what’s wrong I can’t keep my hands off you I swear
Baby I can’t take you anywhere

Now you got this Chevy weaving
And I ain’t even been drinking
I don’t know what I was thinking trying to drive
Girl you know just what you’re doing
Yeah I guess you think it’s cute
The way your fingertips can make me lose my mind

(Repeat chorus/Bridge)

Baby baby don’t stop now
We ain’t gotta’ go into town
Girl I’m gonna’ U-turn us around

Words and music © John Pearson Pearson/Pennington