From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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My Kinda’ Trouble

It’s the kind of night that’s back tire spinnin rain down pourin red mud slingin
But you’re here with me like a silver linin
Doin’ your bad boy thing
You’re a sweet addiction that’s window steamin blue light flashin thin ice feelin and
I know better than to do what you’re thinkin
But boy I’m gonna jump right in

Baby you’re the kind of trouble makes me late for work
Makes me say an extra prayer Sunday at church
That makes me laugh out loud when I think about
The night that we went skinny dippin in the country club pool
That Rave in the city we snuck into
You’re the side wild of me I don’t want to be without
I don’t know if you’re an angel or the devil (I don’t care if you’re an angel or the devil)
But you’re my kinda’ trouble

Now it’s Monday morning and my head’s screamin’
Got two hours sleep and I’m caffeenin’
But a text from you is all I’m needin’
So baby tell me where and when, we’ll get our crazy on again

Repeat Chorus/Bridge
My mind’s conflicted but my heart isn’t
You bring out the bad girl in me and I love it

Repeat Chorus/Coda
You’re my kind of trouble, my kinda trouble, my kinda trouble, you’re my kinda trouble
Words & Music ©2016 John Pearson Pearson/Freeland