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  1. Naturally

From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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You bought me dinner over tipped the waiter with a fifty
Told me ten times on our first date I was looking pretty
Sent a text good morning and another three that night well that’s real nice
But here’s some advice

I’m either gonna love you or I aint gonna
You’re working way too hard to make me wanna
If you really wanna impress me
Let it come Naturally

Why don’t you drop by tomorrow night and we can stay up late
Talkin bout old bands we used to love and TV shows we hate
Get to know each other better cause boy the bottom line is if it’s right
You won’t have to try


You can’t start a fire boy if I don’t feel a spark
But you might make my heart
Skip a beat
If it’s meant to be

Chorus (2x) coda

Naturally (3X)

Words and music © 2016 Pearson/Stewart/Freeland johnptunes@gmail.com