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  1. Unscripted

From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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May not be Broadway lights but opening nights got my heart beating out of my chest
Cause at the end of act two I gotta kiss you and the thought of that scares me to death
We’ve been best friends since we were ten but lately my feelings have grown
We’ve practiced our lines and I‘ve tried to hide my emotions but I think they show
Boy I’m dying to know

Do you feel it like I’ve dreamed it
Is this real love or only make believe
Will you catch me when I’m falling into your arms
Boy tonight here on this stage forget about this play
Take a risk kiss my lips unscripted

I know the story front to back but baby let’s play it by heart
Turn all the stage lights up let the audience see how true love can imitate art
And we’ll rewrite our parts

Eyes lock
Time stops
This is the moment of truth

Take a risk kiss my lips unscripted

Words & Music © 2016 Pearson/Kutter/Freeland johnptunes@gmail.com