From the recording Gettin' Warmer- Pop Country

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Night To Remember

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Night to Remember

Fireworks are poppin’ and cracklin’, down at the swinging rope you’re creek water flashin’
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wilder side of you
Clock’s tickin’ down the last light of summer, come with me girl we’ll hit the night running
I’ve got a few ideas, some things we can do, well let me tell ‘em to you

I want your suntan lotion all over me, I wanna’ see everything I thought I’d never see
That look of love in your eyes when your heart surrenders
Taste your lemonade kiss in the moonlight, girl you lit the fire now baby let the sparks fly
Already made this a day that we’ll never forget, let’s make it a night to remember
yeah, yeah, yeah

Remember that old car that I was fixin’, I got that V-8 purrin’ like a kitten
Can’t think of any better way to break it in
Mile markers are flashin’ past the window, I’ve got the tach wound tighter than it should go
Better pull it on over let it cool a bit, and while we’re waiting on it
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge

I wanna’ feel everything I thought I’d never feel
No I never felt this kinda’ rush ‘til you whispered softly

Repeat Chorus/coda

Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s make it a night to remember,
yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s make it a night to remember, yeah, yeah, yeah
Words & Music- John Pearson C2016