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  1. Promise to You

From the album Wake Up The Sun

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Promise to You

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Promise to You

When I hear your voice I’ll know the sound
When I kiss your lips there’ll be no doubt
That I’ve found the one I can’t live without
That’s my promise to you

Cause I’ve seen your face at night in my dreams
I have watched your fingers trace my skin
And I won’t give up til I truly feel them
That’s my promise to you

With each waking hour and with every step
I will search for you til my final breath

In a quiet café or on a crowded street
There will come a day we finally meet
And two lives will change in the span of a heartbeat
That’s my promise to you

I don’t know your name or the place you’re in
But I’ll know your smile when I see it begin
And until I do I will keep wandering
That’s my promise to you

Repeat chorus/ repeat first verse
That’s my promise to you
That’s my promise to you

© 2017 John Pearson johnptunes@gmail.com